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What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

A merchant cash advance is a modern alternative to traditional loans. Merchant cash advances were created to assist small business owners like you. By providing your business with working capital you can use quickly, easily and however you want - merchant cash advances continue to increase in popularity in the world of small business.

Here's How it Works

We all need capital to run a business, however we cannot always adhere to the strict requirements of commonplace loans. This is a universal dilemma for small business owners and the reason merchant cash advances were created in the first place.

To get working capital into your hands as quickly as possible, we purchase a future portion of your credit card sales and advance you the lump sum now. The amount we will advance you is based on your total monthly sales (generally people get qualified for 60% of their average sales). Once weíve agreed upon a small return rate, your advance is repaid automatically from your daily batches until itís fully repaid.

Unlike the usual financial lenders, merchant cash providers work with your business. So if you have a slower month, you will have a smaller payout. And with no collateral, personal guarantees or fixed interest rates to adhere to, a merchant cash advance gives you piece of mind without adding to your already busy workload. Itís that simple.

How Will a Merchant Cash Advance Support My Business?

In addition to providing faster funding than most alternatives, a merchant cash advance requires very little paperwork and offers repayment schedules that work with your business. By advancing you the future sales of your credit card receipts, you are free to use the working capital now, however you see fit. Buying new equipment, hiring new employees, implementing a marketing campaign or adding to your inventory are all investments that can be made with the help of a merchant cash advance.

We fund restaurants, medical offices, auto repair shops, grocery stores, beauty salons and more. Regardless of the type of business you run, working capital can both assist your business though the hard times and advance it to the next level.

Why Should I Choose Merchant Resources International?

We are not the only provider of merchant cash advances, but our customers rank us among the best. Since 2003 we have assisted over 10,000 small businesses in both the US and Canada. With 86% of our customers returning for renewals and a great standing with the Better Business Bureau, our compatibility with small business owners is reflected in our solid track record.

With the lowest industry rates, fast funding and multiple programs to choose from, we offer all of the convenience, speed and flexibly you need in a merchant cash advance.