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Restaurant Funding Options

Restaurant owners, stop trying time after time to get business funds from the bank with no success! Use our restaurant advances (an alternative to restaurant loans) and get cash for your restaurant within the first week of its opening. You don't even need to build up a track record to secure up to $500,000 for your restaurant.

How it Works

As a restaurant owner you understand the value of hard work and committing to a job well done. In addition to your strong work ethic, you may be considering another beneficial tool to aid your entrepreneurial efforts: working capital.

In today’s competitive hospitality market, the slow process of traditional loans may not be ideal for your restaurant. Fortunately at Merchant Resources International, we can provide restaurant owners with a variety of quick and flexible funding options.

If your business is active in processing credit cards, you might consider a merchant cash advance. Based on your average sales, we purchase a future portion of your credit card sales which in turn allows us to advance you a lump sum now. Through easy, automatic repayments from your daily batches, your cash advance virtually pays itself back.

Also available to restaurant owners are our specialty restaurant loans. Unlike typical loans we can offer terms of up to 12 months and pride ourselves on our higher, faster and easier approval rates. Utilizing an ACH program, your loan gets distributed right into your account. And with easy, automatic repayments that are made from small daily (or weekly) ACH payments, you can focus on what really matters - the growth and strength of your business.

All you have to do is inquire; our lender specialist will help determine options that will work best for you and your restaurant. No need to give collateral or personal guarantees a second thought; at MRI we do not require these types of traditional commitments. Instead, we make the commitment to get your restaurant the working capital it needs as quick and easy as possible.

How Can an Unsecured Restaurant Loan Help Me?

As a restaurant owner, it is important to keep up the appearance of your establishment, make sure that your customers are satisfied, and stay ahead of your competition. Unfortunately, most restaurant owners need to look to sources outside of their bank accounts to get the funds needed to finance these things.

Traditional restaurant loans can be difficult to qualify for; and the application, funding and repayment processes can be inconvenient for the select few that do qualify.

The funds are completely unsecured and there are no restrictions on how you can use them. The possibilities for your restaurant are endless when you choose a merchant cash advance instead of a traditional restaurant loan.

Use your restaurant cash advance to:

  • Upgrade kitchen equipment
  • Old equipment can slow down production and prevent your business from reaching its maximum potential. You can use a merchant cash advance to buy new equipment for your kitchen or to purchase additional equipment in order to increase the amount of meals that can be made and served at a time.

  • Stock kitchen
  • You can't run a restaurant without food and the merchant cash advance can come in handy as the price of commodities increases. Use your merchant advance to purchase all of the food; and drinks that you need to keep your restaurant well-stocked. You can even add a few new dishes to your menu.

  • Add seats
  • Have you noticed that more and more customers are visiting your restaurant? Has the average wait time for a table significantly increased over time? This may seem like a good thing, but if your restaurant isn't able to accommodate a customer increase, it can result in a profit loss.

    You can solve this problem by adding seats to your restaurant, making it possible for more customers to enjoy your food.

  • Add another location
  • If your restaurant is experiencing a substantial increase in its customer base and adding seats isn't quite enough, why not open another location? Your merchant cash advance can provide the funds to open an additional location, and we will automatically deduct your repayments through a small percentage from the daily credit card sales of your original location.